CampusMoWe spring season 2021

Group fitness classes starts on January! Ball games starts when the current situation allows. We also offer a comprehensive selection of streamed classes! Check the Calendar and start your wellbeing year!

What is CampusMoWe?

Diverse and affordable activities and wellbeing services for university students and staff members around Satakunta region.

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To whom?

CampusMoWe physical activities and wellbeing services are available for the students and staff members in all Universities in Satakunta.

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How to get started?

To be able to access CampusMoWe services and products, you will need to register by using your University username and password (HAKA-access code). You can start to purchase and use CampusMoWe services and products, once you have bought a MoWe Card from CampusMoWe online-shop.

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Break exercises for students and staff members!

Break exercises will be held on CampusMoWe HILL, daily at 10.00 from the 20.1. onwards! Welcome to join an energetic break for the distance working/studying days!

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Booking practice has been changed!

Booking is now available only 2 days before the event starts (instead of earlier 7 days). This 2 days rule applies to all classes/events!

At this moment, only Badminton is available in MoWe Calendar. Group fitness classes are held online via Facebook Live!

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Online classes Calendar during the Trial weeks!

We stream CampusMoWe classes via Facebook Live in the CampusMoWe Live -group.

Free Trial is during 11.-24.1.2021!

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MoWe Calendar

MoWe Calendar keeps you updated with CampusMoWe services and events!

Download CampusMoWe-application

Download free CampusMoWe-app to your mobile phone from AppStoresta or Play-store.